Poetry Tuesday (DBlogWeek #2)

This post is a-typical in that it doesn’t have an international focus. However, many of the feelings experienced by those with diabetes and those who love someone with diabetes are universal, so I wanted to share a few poems today by two of my dear friends, Naomi and Dan, as part of #DblogWeek. I actually write a bit of poetry myself, but the poems below are some of the loveliest D poetry I know and they need to be shared!

My husband met Naomi through a social group for Type 1’s that he started in London, and soon after he met Naomi’s boyfriend, Dan. When I later met and started dating John through the same group, Naomi and Dan welcomed me into the circle of friends without a thought. Naomi has Type 1 diabetes and Dan does not, but when I heard Dan recite his poem (he’s poet Laureate of Canterbury, by the way!), I cried. His funny and touching words express what every Type 1 diabetic wants their loved ones to feel and express towards them. He hit the nail on the head. You can listen to Dan reciting his poem here. Check out his website, too, where you’ll discover more excellent poems. 

Naomi’s lighthearted but serious poem (is it possible to be both? well – she did it!) is below. She works very hard every day training to be a midwife and so eloquently expresses the constant presence of diabetes in our lives and the maddening cycles we go through to try to stay healthy. Her second poem is another short and clever re-imagination of a classic poem by William Carlos Williams. 


Test. Inject. Eat. Repeat by Naomi Woolnough

Wake up, test, 10.8
Correct, inject, can’t be late
Eat up, brush teeth, hop in shower
Leave for work within the hour

Pack bag, snack bag, jump on bike
Cycle, train, then tube, arrive
Work, work, work, now started shaking
Sweaty palms and heart is racing
Nip to staffroom, do a test
2.9, don’t be stressed!

Down half bottle of Lucozade
Quickly! Must not be delayed
No time for hypos on the ward
Baby born, cut the cord!

Do blood pressure, lots of forms
Wrap and keep the baby warm
Go for lunch at 4pm
Feeling hypo yet again

Carb count
Hard count
Who knew it had THAT amount?

Get out iPhone, tap, tap ,tap
Go update MySugr App
Back to work, then home for dinner
Feeling like a total winner…
Have some brie
Carb free!

Salad too, and bread, and wine
Currently I’m feeling fine
Then watch Homeland, get quite stressed
Find my sugar’s not the best
But it’s time to get some rest.



Close my eyes to sleep and then
Tomorrow it begins again.


This Is Just To Say by Naomi Woolnough
(An adaptation of William Carlos Williams’ poem)

This is just to say

I have eaten the plums
that were in the icebox

and which you were probably
saving for breakfast

I also had:

a handful of raisins
4 Maryland cookies
2 slices of toast
a glass of milk
some crackers with cheese
the last of those lovely oaty bars you were saving for lunch
a KitKat Chunky
some pistachios
and a banana

I may also have nibbled on the leftover pizza you were going to have for dinner.

Forgive me
for I was hypo
and it was 3am.


Thanks to my friends for allowing me to share their poems and for just being generally wonderful. They’ve been so helpful and supportive of T1International, especially with some recent fundraising I have been doing for an international diabetes cause. You guys are awesome.

You can follow Dan on Twitter: @dansimpsonpoet
You can follow Naomi on Twitter, too: @MsWoolnough


10 thoughts on “Poetry Tuesday (DBlogWeek #2)

  1. Karen

    Fantastic poems!! I think that last one is my favorite. I remember the original poem and I can certainly relate to this version.

  2. nldiabetic

    Love them both. The last one made me laugh. I can relate with my late night binges. I used to justify quite the tasty “snacks”. Now it’s Dex4 only, bah! =x

      1. ERowley Post author

        Completely understandable. I just fear that people are missing that gem of a poem because I didn’t include the written text, only the audio version. It is easily missed! 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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