Saturday Snapshots (DblogWeek #6)

Living with diabetes is different and challenging in various parts of the world, as this site aims to express and explore. I thought it would be appropriate to share some images of diabetes from the initiatives around the globe that I’ve connected with. I think the photos help to demonstrate some of the similar challenges everyone with diabetes faces, no matter where we live. They also remind us what we might take for granted on a day to day basis in terms of diabetes care and access to medication and education. Continue reading


Mantras & More (DblogWeek #4)

These images and words should be the mantras for the diabetes community – stating not only the problems, but what can be done to make things better. These statement photos not only keep me going when I’m having a hard diabetes day, they also serve to educate and inspire others. We hope you like them as much as we do! Continue reading

Poetry Tuesday (DBlogWeek #2)

This post is a-typical in that it doesn’t have an international focus. However, many of the feelings experienced by those with diabetes and those who love someone with diabetes are universal, so I wanted to share a few poems today by two of my dear friends, Naomi and Dan, as part of #DblogWeek. I actually write a bit of poetry myself, but the poems below are some of the loveliest D poetry I know and they need to be shared! Continue reading